ASB Celebrates Women’s History Month | March 2022

American Solutions for Business celebrated Women’s History Month by allowing employees to nominate the women in the American family that have made an impact on them, as well as nominate themselves with a photo that makes them feel powerful! Below are the submissions made that not only made us smile, but also reminded us the impact of being our genuine selves.

The women on the Senior Leadership Team

“In the last few years, the SLT has benefited from the addition of three professional, insightful, and powerful women that make us a better team. Miriah, Sarah, and Amy are inspiring leaders that I feel grateful to call peers and teammates.”

Katie Hallstrom

“Katie is the solid rock on our team, she knows about all things HR and she is a tremendous resource to not only our employees, our HR team as well as in the community. She just completed her term as President of our local Society Human Resources team.”

Lucy Nyhammer

Livi Dalmau-Keller

“Regardless of the circumstances, Livi handles victories and struggles with grace. She surrounds herself with people who help, love and support her and is always eager to help others. Livi is such an inspiration!”

Miriah Cassidy

“Miriah is the definition of inspiring, motivating, and encouraging. Her positive, yet realistic outlook has gotten us through so many situations that seemed impossible when presented to us. Thank you for all you do for our department and for American, Miriah. Working hard is made easier, when we get to do it next to you!”

“Miriah’s deep knowledge of this organization ranging from systems to process to historical practices is impressive. I don’t know how so much knowledge can continue to be packed into that brain! She’s a tremendous resource to bounce ideas off of and she will never shy away from giving you the feedback that you need to hear. We would be lost without her leadership on the American team!”

“She inspires me. She leads with confidence and consideration and always makes you feel like your input is valued and heard, no matter what your position is at ASB. Even when discussing topics that are not positive, Miriah always has a positive attitude and smiles when she talks to you. She is a great example of an excellent leader and I aspire to be more like her.”

Maureen Solverson

“I am on the board of Rockford Network of Professional Women in our city. I love inspiring other women, and I want to inspire my granddaughters like my mom inspired me. I love how American supports us to be all that we can be.”

Loretta Punt

“Several years ago to encourage me to walk more, my daughter, Kelli Bacon, invited me to join her at an event. There was a Friday Mother/ Daughter 1.5K. I can say I wasn’t last, and it felt great. Seeing the picture is a good reminder to get moving.”

Kristen Sletto

“I am grateful for your teaching and support since day 1. You have walked us through the process. I appreciate your patience and understanding whenever I have questions about the process. I will try my best to maintain this performance and will never let you down. Thank you!”

Manilyn Rucio

“Thank you for being an amazing coworker and a friend since I joined the company. Joining this company has been fun because of you. I appreciate you.”

Jen Duncan

“I am inspired by Jenn’s willingness to always help in time of need. Jen’s work for ASB is grounded in complicated benefits rules, laws and guidelines and I so appreciate that she loves this work and can research anything to figure out the solution to the problem.”

Taylor Borst

“Taylor’s passion for learning is contagious! She continuously inspires in how she tackles new projects or challenges thrown her way. Taylor’s positive attitude is so contagious – not only is she fun to be around, she is so fun to partner on projects with.”

“No matter what she is doing, she carries a non-intimidating confidence that is welcoming, caring, knowledgeable and professional. I had always appreciated her presence within ASB, but I had the opportunity to work with her when we pivoted as a company to PPE during COVID. Taylor’s communication to all parties created successful solutions. She is a great representation of our American Family!”

Kathryn “Zuzu” Letness

“Zuzu is a thoughtful, creative and supportive team player. She brings a great energy to our team and always helps us think outside the box and explore new perspectives!”

Kris Dronen

“Kris stepped up in a big way to fill the shoes of Kathy Katzenmeyer (another fabulous female retiree!) and stepped into the unknown world of Sales Payroll. And while some may think it’s the same as our bi-weekly payroll, some of us know it’s so dramatically different. Thanks Kris for taking a risk, stepping out and taking care of our Sales Associates in a new way!”

Jorunn Scheiderich

“For Women’s Month I celebrate my mom, Jorunn! She is a walking Energizer Bunny and always has a positive outlook that is contagious! I admire her work ethic, sense of humor and elegance. I’m so lucky to get to work her!”

Terri Hedges

Sarah Louden

“The HR team recognizes our leader, Sarah Louden as a great mentor for our team, providing guidance, advice, encouragement and support to all of us. She brings a wealth of knowledge to American which provides new learning opportunities every day. Thank you for being a great leader!”

Jamie Lanoue

“Jamie is new to our HR Team and wow, what bright talent she is! I love that she wants to learn and she teaches us things too! Jamie’s drive and initiative to take projects and get them checked off the list, not all people have this kind of drive and it’s so motivating to see her learn and grow but also contribute so much already to our team!”

Simi Kasakwe

“Simi’s positivity shines through and through in everything she does. I have never seen Simi not smiling and that is infectious! I knew from the first few minutes of meeting Simi as a prospective candidate that we needed to find her a home at ASB. She has so much knowledge to bring to our organization and I love hearing her ideas that she has for us to all continue to learn and grow.”

“Simi has done an amazing job telling the American story and is a valued asset within our team and company! She’s been with ASB for less than a year and has already published countless articles, press releases, newsletters and social media posts to keep us all connected.”

Erica Svare

“My go to inventory gal! Erica is always willing to take the time to help me work through anything I need help with and she always does it with a positive attitude. She a natural teacher. She has taken the time on several occasions to sit down and teach me new skills that have helped me be more efficient at my job and her help and advice is always welcomed and appreciated! Thank you Erica for everything! You are a Rock Star!”

Hayley Thomson

“Hayley is always so friendly, helpful and eager to learn! She’s a talented designer, photographer and marketer and we’re lucky to have her on the team.”

Jessica Becker

Brittney Weber

“This is a photo of me after finishing my 3rd half marathon in 3 months in my town with a new personal record.”

Laura Jones

“She’s been up against a lot of adversity and difficult circumstances in the time I’ve known her. But she never gives up and always seems to figure out how to make the best of any situation. She’s also a single mom of a teenage girl, who she is raising to be an amazing young lady. She’s been an a shoulder to lean on when I’ve needed her and she always knows how to give me a boost when I need one.”

Vanessa Wood

“I would really love to nominate my dearest superior!”

Stephanie Thooft

“Steph is one of those employees that you know wants to do the right thing, always, and that’s a core strength she leads with. I’ve been so impressed with watching her grow and develop the last couple of years. She has stepped up and taken over a leadership position in Finance and while there are always challenges taking on new things, her perseverance and determination to not only continue to learn but help the team learn and grow is so motivating!”

Emily Juettner

“Emily adds so much value to the ASB Family! She’s been with us for less than a year and has already executed two major events. Emily is sharp, attentive and always brings a positive energy to everything she does!”

Sharon Friedrichs

“She makes me want to know more and want to do more with ASB! I could not ask for a better Supervisor!”

Jean Dahl

Amy Spychalla

“Amy’s one of those people that can connect with anyone. The way that she creates and cultivates relationships with anyone that she meets is so impressive. And, the one thing that is always certain with Amy is that she will show up to anything and everything with a smile on her face! Thanks Amy, for being so approachable and always wanting to help to do the right thing!”

Amy Lamb

Alyssa Sullivan

“Alyssa’s work often gets referred to me as work that falls in the “junk drawer”. I so appreciate Alyssa’s willingness to jump in and do anything needed to keep moving forward and without complaint! She’s knowledgeable in all aspects of HR and is a go to resource not only for me, other employees but our HR team as well! She’s a motivator to all she works with!”

Micah Rondina

Cassandra Chiodo

“Just before COVID when my career was on point, and I made one of the biggest sales of my career, I had gone to NYC with my husband and he took this shot of me in Time Square. I love it because I was trying to get in a good photo that looked as good as I felt at that time. I felt proud of all that I have been through as a mother, career women, and all around person that day.”

Joal McAlister

Evie Olson

Casey Feigum

“Casey is not only a rock star at doing her job, she has a can-do attitude that makes it a joy to work with her. I know we ask a lot of her, but Casey never fails to give us whatever we need, whenever we need it. And with a SMILE! The past few years have been hard on so many; Casey was no exception. But still she embarked on a personal journey of transformation never losing sight of her goals. What a powerful example of strength and perseverance! Casey is an inspiration to me and so many others. Go Casey!”

Renee McClendon

“She handles work and personal life so effortlessly and always makes time for all employees. She truly listens to your concerns and always offers great advice. I’m grateful to work with her.”

Carolyn Thompson

“I nominate this INCREDIBLE WOMAN. She has been my mentor, inspiration and one of my most favorite friends!”

Datha Harrison

Amy Kovach

“As you can see by the photo, ever since we were little, my mom Amy has “pushed” my sister and me to work hard, love life and pursue our passions and dreams! I would not be where I am today without the love, support and encouragement of my mom.”

Fawn Chandler

Pam Van Vickle

Kris LaFave

“Kris jumped into a Payroll role with complimentary skills to payroll but not direct payroll experience. I am encouraged by her initiative to step outside of what she’s done before, to try something new with American.”

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