ASB Raises $3,000 in Triple Crown Raffle

American Solutions for Business raised $3,000 during the annual Triple Crown online raffle. American donated the proceeds to the Radiothon to End Child Abuse, Someplace Safe, and Pope County Families in Need, donating $1,000 to each.

Triple Crown organizations are non-profit organizations in Pope County that help families recover from abuse and get back on their feet when they face a financial hardship. Someplace Safe offers services for abuse victims by helping them find safe housing and safe meeting place for parent visits and/or pickups. Radiothon to End Child Abuse is a fundraiser that is aired on the local radio station and all proceeds go to our local Human Services Department. Pope County Families in Need is organized by a local couple who supplies clothes, blankets, beds, gift certificates for gas or food, for families facing financial hardships.

“Being community orientated, ASB employees are always ready and eager to help where help is needed,” expressed SOS Specialist, Stephanie Hall. “We hold many fundraisers throughout the year and all money raised stays local. The Triple Crown recipients are three organizations that thrive on donations and when they succeed, our community succeeds.”

ASB has been donating to the three organizations for over 10 years. It started out with Penny Wars and Change for Change competitions between different departments within ASB. Four years ago, American decided to go a different direction and asked that the different departments within ASB, create some type of basket to raffle off. Even with the uncertainty of the new endeavor, 20 baskets were raffled the first year. The first two were in person where people could see the baskets and place their bets. Because of COVID, ASB decided to utilize their proprietary eCommerce platform, ACES, to hold the raffle online.

“We are thankful to American for this donation. This is going to help us with our voucher program, where individuals in need of starting over, receive a voucher from our advocacy office to get the things they need from the store,” explained Hayley Dorman, Assistance Manager of Some Place Safe. As a nonprofit, all proceeds go back into the community to help with those dealing with domestic and sexual violence.

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