ASB announces new Vendor Advisory Board members

American Solutions for Business has announced new board members joining their Vendor Advisory Board, effective January 1, 2022.  

This advisory board is an exclusive group of trusted partners who provide valuable feedback and guidance regarding decisions that affect the prosperity of ASB’s sales associates, customers and partners. The group advises in an array of areas including events, budgeting, branding, product trends, technology, marketing strategy and more. Members moving forward serve a total of two years.  

“This board has been instrumental in contributing to ASB’s success,” says Dana Zezzo, VP of Marketing, Vendor Relations & Events. “We are incredibly grateful to our board members who have provided guidance and support over the last two years and are excited to welcome our incoming board members to this dynamic group.”  

Incoming members for 2022-2024 include: Marc Held (Alphabroder/Prime), Dan Taylor (BamBams), Mike Szymczak (Hub Promotional Group), Melissa Ralston (Koozie Group), Beth Marston (Navitor), Jarod Thorndike (SAGE), Kevin Walsh (Showdown Displays), Roni Wright (The Book Company), and Bob Saunders (Wise).  

They will join a select portion of the original board members rolling over for their final term ending in 2023, including Steve Osterloh (Ennis), Scott Leonard (Hit Promotional Products), Miles Wadsworth (Logo Mats) and Phil Sperling (Printco).  

Members rolling off the board after having served from 2019-2021 include: Mike D’Ottoviano (ASI), Adam McNeill (CE Printed Products), Charles Duggan (Goldstar), Mark Mallory (ID Images), Stuart McLelland (Phenix Direct), Rob Newell (SanMar) and Megan Zezzo (S&S Activewear).

“Looking forward to the collaboration among the Board to support ASB’s goals.”
-Marc Held

“I am delighted to serve on the ASB Advisory Board in order to provide ASB with insight from an Import Supplier perspective and learn about the pain points that ASB has regarding its import business. Understanding is the key to problem solving.” -Dan Taylor

“I have always appreciated what ASB stood for and the course that they are on. I only hope to contribute to that continued growth by providing support through my optics as a long-time, innovative supplier.“ -Mike Szymczak
“I’m looking forward to providing valuable insight into trends and longer impacting factors that will shape future marketing and selling strategies. I’m also looking forward to learning from the ASB team and their sales associates.” -Melissa Ralston

“With 25 plus years invested in this industry, I look forward to learning from fellow board members and sharing their passion for this business. I am insatiably curious and enjoy the ideation process of growing together; especially important with the fast-changing environment.” -Beth Marston

“I’m looking forward to serving on the ASB Advisory Board to collectively share ideas, collaborate with other industry peers, and hopefully add additional value to the ASB organization by leveraging my 17+ years of industry experience.” -Jarod Thorndike

“I’m excited to collaborate with the ASB team, to identify and employ solutions that will help both of our organizations to grow.” -Kevin Walsh

“I have a tremendous amount of admiration and respect for the ASB organization and wish to help propel this fine organization toward attaining their strategic goals. As I learn, I hope to contribute by asking thoughtful questions and providing guidance when requested.” -Roni Wright

“I’m tremendously honored to be associated with some of the brightest and most innovative people in our industry. American Solutions for Business is one of the best in the business in bringing value to the relationship between their sales reps and suppliers.” -Bob Saunders

“Our goal is always to be looked at as a partner and not just a vendor. The ASB advisory board is the perfect opportunity to work together as partners to benefit both of our organizations.  What better company and more importantly people to work with than American?” -Steven Osterloh

“I am looking forward to serving on the advisory committee for a few reasons: To meet new people on the supplier side and see the successes and struggles they are having; to give honest feedback about anything in the promo industry; to have a small say in how future events are planned; and to help ASB gain new insights and advice on how to solve business issues.” -Scott Leonard

“I am looking forward to serving again on the board to educate new members on the progress that took place over the past two years. I believe we can continue to expand on that progress as a board. I know that working together will only create stronger partnerships between suppliers and American Solutions for Business.” -Miles Wadsworth

“I’m looking forward to representing the many Print vendors that are part of ASB’s supply chain and providing my perspective and voice for the smaller family owned print companies.” -Phil Sperling

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