Time is Money: How ASB serves our healthcare customers

“Time is Money” is commonly heard throughout the business world. This phrase can have different implications depending on the industry. In healthcare, it applies to the number of people it takes to cover certain daily tasks. Staff is already tasked to do so many things. Add in short-staffing and these extra tasks take their toll. Here are some ways American Solutions for Business can help save your facility both time and money.

Print Needs: Healthcare still relies on paper forms especially when it involves new information from patients. These can be aggravating for both parties. Financial assistance forms may require a lot of documents including mortgage documents, driver’s license, and monthly income. Often patients will come back with missing information and have to be sent back to look for more. Each of these interactions take time and can be frustrating. This form may have several touches before it gets to a case manager. American has a partner that can simplify this process to a link on a provider’s website. This portal gives customized details and can be filled out at home. Once all the information is gathered, it’s sent straight to the case manager for review. This skips the extra touches along the way allowing staff to concentrate on other projects. American can also host all your documents on a safe secure site allowing you to print on demand.

Signage and Wayfinding: Staff are happy to point out locations for guests and direct traffic. Using signage can help keep the public informed and indicate locations, restrictions, and other relevant details. Sending this consistent message saves your employees time and serves as a consistent reminder of what to expect. Care boards are also effective in maintaining time expectations. Keeping patient and family communications in one central place gives everyone who enters that room access to the shared details for the patient.

Uniforms: While healthcare employees usually know everyone, large hospitals will see continual changes with new hires and transfers. One way to keep everyone on the same page is color code your scrubs and uniforms. Whether its blue, green, pink, or white, using colors to signify departments from each other. That way a charge nurse could easily identify the lab tech or custodian they requested. American Solutions will help find the right color palette that sends the best message to your patients and their family.

To learn more about American Solutions for Business visit http://www.americanbus.com

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