Rockin’ Thank You Gift | Case Study


The Metal Deli is a podcast that explores the world of indie metal bands and their music. The host of this podcast needed a rockin’ thank you gift to give sponsors and high-profile guests featured on the show. Based on her budget, the host was unsure what would work with the brand of the podcast and be well-received by a diverse audience.


A slate meat and cheese board was the perfect thank you gift in this situation. Since The Metal Deli’s logo features a meat cleaver, the meat and cheese board was essentially a mini version of the actual logo along with the meat theme fitting in with the title of the podcast!


The meat and cheese board was a hit! Not only did it work well with the branding of the show but also help people remember the logo and being a part of The Metal Deli podcast. The host of the podcast was excited to give these to both her guests and sponsors and continues to order more for future interviews.

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