More brand personalization for eCommerce? Yes, please.

American Solutions for Business often uses the tagline: “Solutions is our Middle Name.” It couldn’t be more true or more applicable to our customers’ needs. Our custom products are known to have years of use and recognition, creating what are called impressions both to solidify the brand with the user and to expose the brand to others who see the product in use. And items personalized with individual recipients’ names stick around longer for even more exposure!

What if your project entails 13 separate customized needs – per item? No problem for ASB’s eCommerce platform called ACES (American’s Customer-centric eCommerce Solutions team.

When our bank customer’s HR team voiced their request for personalized mugs with so many levels of custom graphics per individual recipient, we brought in the experts. Not only was the ACES team able to accomplish the task, they made it possible for the customer to order the mugs with all 13 variables via their online store. What a winning combo!

Similarly, a mortgage customer recently wanted their online store orders enabled to include a personalized note from the buyer to the recipient of the item. That’s a big task too with the necessary coordination of items.

Again, our ACES team brought the idea to reality and now our customer regularly uses this feature. Not only is a gift being sent for a significant reason, but the accompanying personalized note increases the sentiment and deepens that relationship with customers and team members.

Do you need help navigating the challenges of your particular projects? We’re here to brainstorm, advise, produce and deliver solutions.

In addition, look around our website at to get an idea of all the ways we can help you and your team. If you’re ready to find cost savings and have expert collaboration on perfectly suited products and services, let’s start the conversation. Our solutions are fully customizable, and our team is excited to help you. Attack your expenses. Simplify your processes. Build your brand.

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