American Solutions for Business raises $3,100 for the United Way of Douglas and Pope County

Michelle Pfeiffer bakes pies for those getting one in the face.

American Solutions for Business held a virtual fundraiser through their proprietary eCommerce platform, called ACES, in August, trading dollars for votes for one of their Senior Leadership Team members to be pied in the face.

As the votes rolled in, the event was being monitored live by event coordinator, and Web Support Specialist, Charlotte Holmes. Home office employees and sales associates alike were emailed pie chart outlining who was in the lead and who was still trailing behind.

As more updates were sent, and home office planned the best time to donate to the cause in order to get their leadership member ahead. The fun wrapped up on August 10 as the results showed that VP of Sales Support, Miriah Cassidy, and VP of Technology, Mike Pfeiffer were the winners, and were going to be pied by none other than Founder and CEO of American, Larry Zavadil.

The fundraiser raised $1,532 and an additional $1,568 was donated by Larry Zavadil, making the fundraiser was a rousing success, totaling $3,100 for the United Way to purchase school supplies for students in the Douglas and Pope county.

On Wednesday September 15, the pies were delivered in building parking lot as spectators gathered to witness the event. So many other people wanted to join in on the fun as well, so the event was live streamed on Facebook for those near and far to join.

To learn more about American Solutions for Business, visit

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