Brady Johnson Promoted to Director of Strategic Operations Support

American Solutions for Business is excited to announce that Brady Johnson has been promoted to Director of Strategic Operations Support (SOS). Brady Johnson joined the company in 2016 as an SOS coordinator and has been acting supervisor of strategic operations support (SOS) for the last two years.

“Brady has done a wonderful job leading the SOS team, onboarding new sales associates and managing large program implementations,” said Amy Spychalla, VP of SOS.

Get to know Brady:

  • Education: Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration from North Dakota State University
  • Work Experience: 5 years as a Commercial Store Manager at Royal Tire then American (SOS Specialist > SOS Supervisor > Director of SOS)
  • Location: Home in Alexandria, MN and office in Glenwood, MN.
  • What you’re most looking forward to in your new role: Continuing to look for ways to improve the SOS department so we can better assist our sales force.
  • What you like most about working at ASB: The culture at American is what makes it such a great place to work. Obviously, Larry (founder) and Justin (president) are father and son, but they make each and every employee feel like a part of their family.
  • Family/Hobbies: Our family includes my wife Emma, daughter, Blake and dog (Jimmy). Hobbies include spending time with family and friends, the outdoors (hunting & fishing) and playing and watching sports.

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