Branding Strategy | Holiday Gift Ideas Trending in 2020

With in-person employee get togethers and holiday parties “paused”, gift giving is definitely looking a little different this year. Below are some of the trends we’re seeing to ensure that employees are appreciated and celebrated more than ever.  

Employee celebration and holiday gifts delivered right to the employee’s door step. Let’s face it, people love mail — especially lumpy mail and fun packaging. We’re finding that companies are choosing just the right gift, adding in a special note, and elevating it one step further with fancy filler and decorative packaging. And better yet, these gifts can be branded with your company logo!

Product trends include:

  • Food items – including a mix of food, promo and packaging. The packaging impacts the “experience”, the food will be enjoyed immediately, and the promo piece will ensure brand longevity.
  • Tech – speakers, mouse pads, noise-cancelling headphones and webcam covers. Accessories like light rings and phone tripods are also becoming popular to help employees look more professional on video conferencing.
  • UV light products – UV sanitizers, UV water bottles and UV cleaning accessories are so popular right now.
  • Custom greeting cards – nothing says you care more than a custom, hand-written note to show employees you’re thinking about them.
  • Safety items – hand sanitizer, logo’d face coverings, thermometers and no-touch tools help keep employees safe.
  • Books, puzzles, games and other activities – with all the downtime, employees are looking for fun, healthy things to do on their own and with their loved ones.
  • Home goods and kitchenware – think about the amount of time spent at home, in family rooms and in the kitchen!

  • Notebooks – employees are spending more time at their desks and many find they are going through notebooks much quicker. 
  • Desk accessories – blue light blocker glasses, fun sticky notes and quality writing instruments ensure remote workers stay healthy, organized and productive.

  • Comfy Work From Home –  apparel, socks, beanies, blankets and more! (Bonus tip: make sure the logo is visible in a video conference!)
  • Drinkware – from morning coffee, to afternoon refreshments & snacks – there is a cool drinkware piece to suit every occasion. Name personalization is also very hot right now, especially to help eliminate confusion and cross-contamination!

 Many companies request branded sites so that employees can shop for merchandise and redeem online. Below are a few options to get your wheels turning:

One-time gift programs
This allows employees to view a selection of holiday and/or appreciation gifts and select one that is perfect for them. At the end of the ordering window, orders are validated and fulfilled.

eGift codes
Each employee receives an eGift code to redeem online. We’ll include a nice selection of items so there is something for everyone. During the checkout process the employee will have the option to enter in their eGift code. Any remaining balance will go on their personal credit card.

Points programs
Points are assigned to employees which can be redeemed online for merchandise. Think holiday points, wellness points, safety points, anniversary points, and of course points earned for a job well done. Point balances are tied to the individual’s username and password and will pop up upon log in. We can do a similar approach using allocation dollars.

Hopefully this gives you some ideas as you plan to make the 2020 holiday season more memorable than ever.

American Solutions for Business is a 100% employee-owned company, offering employee incentive and engagement solutions to customers throughout the nation. If you’d like to brainstorm ideas geared specific to your organization, please contact your American Solutions for Business sales associate or visit

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