The American Way – ASB’s Approach to Serving Our Dealership Customers

American Solutions for Business has been serving the automotive market for over 20 years, the largest customer segment being car and light truck dealerships. Through observation, thoughtful consideration and some experimentation, we’ve developed a highly effective process to serve our dealership customers in the best way possible. Though the process has been in place for many years, it wasn’t until recently that there was an official name for this process, which we borrowed from our financial vertical team: Attack Expenses – Simplify Processes – Build Brand.

Attack Expenses

It’s true of all our customers – there are items needed to operate their business each day. Whether it’s forms, packaged goods, office supplies, toner or other items, American is your one-stop-shop for your operating expense needs. Our first step is to determine what you are using today and how much we can save you on those items. We look at how and when you use each item, where it is stored, who is responsible for ordering it and how that process is replicated throughout your dealership and dealer group.

We examine all opportunities to harness the buying power of your entire organization. We also recommend different options and approaches to your current processes and products to reduce overall operating expenses. All of this is accomplished through what is often called a “forms sweep”. Once we’ve collected all data, we present it to you in a clear and concise manner, letting you know what the final result will be if you choose to partner with American.

Simplify Processes

Each of our customers approaches solutions procurement in a different way. Some have undefined processes, allowing several department managers to purchase from their vendor of choice and some have a single point of contact, ordering for the entire location or dealer group from an approved list of vendors. American has solutions to simplify your procurement processes no matter where your business falls on that spectrum.

We are a partner to our customers, providing the highest level of customer service. We visit our dealership customers regularly to ensure that our solutions implementation is running smoothly, manage inventory and address any new needs that may arise.

We also offer customized online procurement with your items available at the click of a button. Our eCommerce solutions are tailored to each of our customers’ unique needs and offer helpful features such as budget allocations, approvals and reporting. This allows for simple delegation of procurement and ease of access for management oversight, reducing time spent on administrative/operational duties and allowing your teams to focus on driving profitability!

Build Brand

Though American Solutions for Business started out as a leader in the print industry, we’ve become well known as a top provider of promotional products as well. Promo products are often the most effective tool for leaving a lasting impression with customers and prospective customers alike. We pride ourselves in being informed about new and trending products as well as fundamental products that communicate your message effectively. While vehicle manufacturers work to build brand loyalty, we help you build dealership loyalty!

In recent years, we have focused on offering solutions to adapt to the ways in which car buying has changed. Today, we offer several digital solutions to reach customers sooner, stay engaged and keep them coming back to your dealership. This strategy often blends technology with print solutions.

Drive Revenue

Our partnership with Armor All in 2016 to offer the SmartShield appearance protection program presented a new opportunity, allowing American to become a revenue-generating partner for our dealership customers. Since then, we’ve searched for and are actively implementing other solutions our dealership customers can utilize to increase revenue within the dealership.

Our sales associates are knowledgeable, motivated and customer-focused, ready to earn your business and become a trusted partner for many years. If you’d like to see how partnering with ASB and approaching procurement the American Way can help your business, contact your local sales representative today!

To learn more about American Solutions for Business, visit

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