ASB Donates $2,100 to Support Shield616 and Local Service Members

American Solutions for Business recently donated a shield and helmet worth $2,100 to Shield616, an organization founded to provide protection to those who serve our communities.

Due to limited budgets of some departments, new gear is often only be available through donations. Shield616 offers two different packages that are provided to officers and first responders. A full armor Police package costs $2,100 and a full armor Fire package costs $2,300.

“This donation of rifle-rated plates and carrier gives me peace of mind that I am better protected to enter an active shooter situation or any other situation involving the use or threatened use of a rifle. It will allow me to do my job of protecting innocent citizens better and more safely,” explains Eric Thesing, Pope County Deputy Sheriff and recipient of the shield donated by American Solutions for Business. The connection is even more meaningful because Eric is also married to long-time ASB employee, Becky Thesing.

Thesing continues, “I am very great-full to ASB for their donation. Our current vests do not protect us from rifle rounds, and we are seeing more and more that active-shooter situations often involve high-powered rifles by the suspect. All Pope County deputies, Glenwood police department officers and Starbuck police department officers are now equipped with these vests thanks to the donations from local businesses like American Solutions for Business.”

Area law enforcement service members met in early December to thank Shield616 and the local businesses who support the program.

“We’re honored to participate in a cause like Shield616,” says Justin Zavadil, ASB President. “Our law enforcement officers risk their lives every day to keep our community safe – it’s imperative that we do everything we can to ensure their safety as well.”

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  1. As the father of a police veteran, I think this is a tremendous thing we do. Funding for law enforcement is very political and often leaves a lot to be desired.


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