eCommerce Solutions | Case Study

Client: Multi-location Bank

Market:  Financial



A multi-location bank was ordering all their resources and products for each bank location from individual local sources. Wanting to control costs and streamline ordering processes, a centralized eCommerce website was the desired solution but the current small-town vendors were unable to offer this technology.



American developed a strategy for the bank and presented to them the benefits and highlights of American’s proprietary eCommerce platform called ACES. The bank was impressed that they would be saving about 27-29% annually with American’s pricing and that ACES would allow them to track each branch’s expenses.



Since the launch of the website annual sales with the bank went from $5,000 to approximately $170,000. The bank is now able to order office supplies, branded apparel, promotional products, office furniture and bank supplies like documents and money handling supplies, all on-demand with their personalized eCommerce website.

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