Dealership Technology | Case Study

Client: Dealership

Market: Automotive

Situation: A large, 18-location dealership group was looking to standardize operational forms and printed marketing material. They were also looking to leverage group buying power and monitor operational spending at the department level.

Solution: American met with each dealership location to determine the products they were using and how to best standardize forms and packaged goods. Lists of users were gathered and each user was given a preview of the eCommerce system. Once a personalized site was built for the dealership, training webinars were held to familiarize users with the site.

Success: In the year since the eCommerce site was launched, over 50 of their custom print items have been made available to order online as well as over 2,000 packaged goods needed for daily operations within the dealership. The dealership’s finance department and general managers can monitor the spending of each department and user through on-demand reports accessed through their eCommerce site.

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