ASB Partners with Digital Air Strike to Offer Online Automotive Solutions

American is committed to helping our dealership customers navigate the world of online customer car shopping. In a time when 86% of consumers are researching their vehicles online, it can be easy for dealerships to get lost in the minutia of likes, listings, social media posts and reviews. Our goals include helping our dealership stand out and reach the customer with a personal message at the right time. That’s why we’ve partnered with Digital Air Strike, an industry leader in social media marketing, online reputation management and lead response to offer our customers their suite of solutions.Digital_Air_Strike-01Targeted Advertising

Since so many vehicle shoppers begin their buying process online, how can you make sure your inventory is front and center? Digital Air Strike’s VDP Power Social solution creates powerful, ROI-driven campaigns that send in-market shoppers to the dealerships VDPs, where the dealerships only pay for the traffic delivered. Digital Air Strike leverages Facebook data and with their own proprietary algorithm, as they target local auto intenders and systematically promote your vehicles.

Inventory also can be promoted strategically among over 40 premium auto sites across the web, reaching 80+ million auto intenders every month, with Digital Air Strikes performance guaranteed Power Lead Driver. To top it off, daily reporting with KPI’s ensures you’re getting the results you expect. Offline conversion reporting matches leads to actual sales to show ROI!

Social Media & Online Reputation Management

With Digital Air Strike’s “White Glove Service” your online reputation and social media presence are in good hands. The social media management team will manage top social sites and over 325 review and directory sites to ensure your online presence is maximized and working for you. Maximizing your online presence means more online consumers will be driven to your showroom.

By taking advantage of the growing popularity of text-invite surveys, we can help increase and protect your ratings, giving shoppers peace-of-mind when they prepare to visit your dealership. Mission Control, a centralized dashboard, allows you to monitor and manage performance quickly and easily.

Lead Response

Capturing all of those leads is half of the battle and we’ve got the perfect solution to make the most of those captured leads with DAS’s lead response programs Response Logix and Response Path. Response Logix delivers a fast, multi-vehicle quote for ALL your internet leads for up to 180 days, while Response Paths Artificial Intelligence assisted messaging platform will give you the tools to properly handle all messaging.

Digital Air Strike offers a full suite of solutions ready-made for today’s world of online car shopping and we’re delighted to offer these solutions to our dealership customers. American Solutions for Business strives to be not just a goods supplier, but a revenue-generating partner in the automotive industry.

“We’re excited to help increase our customer’s business by implementing these proven solutions,” says Christine Fischer, Director of Automotive Programs for ASB. “A majority of the car-buying process is taking place online and we’re here to help our dealerships take advantage of that.”

To learn more about the solutions available via our partnership with Digital Air Strike, contact your ASB associate today! Need to connect with an ASB associate? Click here to find an associate near you!

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