Self Care is Healthcare

The summer months, while highly anticipated, often come with an increased stress levels: kids are out of school, work has piled up, activities are on the rise, and the nicer weather is ever inviting.  Of course, everyone would love to spend the summer months outside, spending time with friends and family, and finding the perfect work/life balance. A healthy work/life balance is sometimes hard to achieve, but not impossible. Helping your employees find this balance as well can increase productivity and employee morale and decrease stress.

Research shows that stress also plays a large part in our health and wellness. The “get it done so I can go have fun” mentality can often lead to spiked stress and lower productivity. High stress levels can also lead to a weaker immune system, putting the likelihood of sickness on the rise. Combat stress and increase your employees’ productivity with promotional products designed to help refresh the mind and keep your employees happy and healthy.

One solution could be the use of a diffuser. A diffuser can create an effective atmosphere to deliver aromatherapy right at your desk. It is meant to be therapeutic while clearing the air. This simple machine can serve many benefits throughout your work day: relieving stress, decreasing negative emotions, increasing restful sleep, and boosting energy.

Other solutions include a variety of hands-on activities that can be placed right in the office. Tabletop cornhole, stress balls, coloring books, and puzzles all encourage movement and focus to decompress stress levels. These types of promotional products allow the mind to relax and focus, leading to increased productivity. Stress balls specifically help to relieve tension along with short term stress, whereas the others can encourage relaxation for the brain.

This summer let American help you find ways to keep your employees focused, productive and stress-free. Contact your local sales associate for solutions that will keep your employees feeling the sunshine all year round!

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