Family Matters | Todd Portell & Jana Purser

At American Solutions for Business, we love the family ties that make up much of our sales force. These dynamic teams of siblings, spouses and parents/children all have their own stories and backgrounds that result in a strong, creative and balanced approach to business.

Todd Portell and Jana Purser are new to the American family and are hitting the ground running with high energy, ambition and a healthy dose of humor. They’ve been married for 9 years and work together as a sales team in Pompano Beach, FL.

How did you meet?

Todd: I was managing the golf course restaurant and event center while Jana was helping with her friend’s wedding. We were the only single people in the building…God was being blunt that day!

Jana: At a wedding. Todd was managing the golf course restaurant and event center while I was helping with a friend’s wedding. We were literally the only 2 single people in the building. I didn’t have much to choose from!


Do you work on many projects together?

Todd: Yes, I come up with ideas then Jana tells me what would be better! Then we meet in the middle.

Jana: We do – especially anything apparel related. I am much better at picking out tees than he is!


What have you learned from each other (work and not work-related)?

Todd: Jana is way better at the details than I am. She can understand better how the product is going to be used. While I’m more versed in sourcing products, printing and pricing. It’s a good marriage of talents.

Jana: So much! The biggest thing he has taught me is probably to be more patient and calm. He balances out my crazy, which I suppose we all need!

What are the pros and cons of being in the same industry?

Todd: A big pro would be owning our own company and keeping the same schedule. It’s true freedom and that’s what we’ve always looked for. Cons…for Jana, I’m guessing it would be that she knows how to do my job when I go fishing and golfing on a workday! A con for me is that I don’t get to do that everyday!

Jana: Pro – Always being together. Con – Always being together. I mean… having the same schedule and flexibility to travel and enjoy life!!


During the interview process, Todd made a sarcastic comment about the original questions, so they were sent a couple goofy follow-up questions. The responses were too great not to share: 

What’s your favorite flavor of La Croix sparkling water?

Todd: My favorite flavor of La Croix would have to be Lime. However, I’m not that fancy and it doesn’t mix well with a beer!

Jana: Call me weird but I don’t like any of those foo-foo waters!

What’s your spirit animal?

Todd: My spirit animal would definitely be an English Bulldog. They’re fat but cute, affectionate, smart and only need about 10 minute of exercise per day.

Jana: A flamingo – they are awesome! Not only are they pink, they live at the beach, they fly, and can stand on one leg for hours which means they must have amazing abs!

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