ASB Employees Volunteer for United Way Backpack Attack

American Solutions for Business partnered with the United Way to contribute to their Backpack Attack initiative, which helps provide weekend meals for area children in need. A group of 27 employees from ASB’s headquarters participated in assembling 600 bags, providing 6 weeks-worth of meals.


“I’m proud to work with a group of people so dedicated to giving back,” said Glenn Miller, ASB’s VP of Business Solutions and United Way board vice president. “The more we invest in our community – especially our area youth – the better environment and future we create. It’s an incredibly worthy cause.”


Not only did employees help assemble, but American Solutions for Business donated much of the food inside the bags.


“Thanks to support from businesses like American Solutions for Business who donate and pack Backpack Attack bags, we are able to continue to serve all students who express a need,” explained Kendall Brickweg, Marketing & Communications Coordinator for the United Way of Douglas & Pope Counties. “Ensuring our children and youth have the food and support they need is so important. Students who aren’t worried about hunger are happier and more engaged!”

Learn more about the United Way and United Way of Douglas & Pope Counties.

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