Automotive Market: Creating an Unique Customer Experience

Many studies have been conducted and articles written that have concluded that today’s consumers are looking for a buying experience when purchasing goods – and trends show this will only become truer over time. While some would say that buying a vehicle is a unique experience in itself, there are many ways that dealerships can personalize the car-buying experience. Luckily, American is here to help!

Personalized First Point of Contact

adult-blur-business-267447.jpgMore and more consumers are beginning their car-buying process online with over 57% of consumers going directly to dealership websites. It’s important to share as much information about your inventory as possible on your website; including several photos and 360-degree walkaround views can differentiate your dealership’s site from others. Plus, many consumers use their mobile devices to conduct these searches, highlighting the importance of having a mobile-friendly site.

However, even in our tech-savvy climate, over 55% of initial contact with the customer is primarily still walk-ins. How can you ensure that your dealership is the one consumers walk into? How about sending them a personalized video in response to their online inquiry? American offers services to make this not only possible, but a simple process. This service also includes the ability to easily upload numerous inventory photos and 360-degree walk-around videos to your website!

An Interactive Dealership Experience

By the time a consumer steps foot in your dealership, they may have an particular vehicle in mind. Although, 6 in 10 consumers are open to considering multiple vehicle options. This means they’ll want to look at several vehicles. By utilizing Augmented or Virtual Reality, a dealership can make this process an interactive experience. The consumer can use their smartphone or tablet to access virtual information or a virtual shopping guide to explain different features, benefits, options and accessories for each vehicle they encounter. This option is not meant to replace the sales person, but to be used as an added tool for the salesperson to elevate the car-buying experience.

Introducing the Customer to Their Vehicle Care Team

Once the consumer has made the decision to purchase a vehicle from your dealership, it can be helpful to take the customer to each department within the dealership that they will encounter in the regular care and maintenance of their vehicle. Each department can leave a lasting impression by giving the customer a small, relevant promotional item to the customer. For example, the Service Manager could give the customer a tire pressure gauge with the service department phone number on it and the Parts Department Manager could give a trunk organizer or tote-bag for organizing and removing items from their trade to their new vehicle.

Keeping in Touch After the Sale

A dealership’s main goal is to retain a customer once they have earned their business. The best way to stay top-of-mind with your customer is to keep in touch after the sale. There are many reasons to contact a customer post-sale that include service reminder direct mail for regularly scheduled maintenance, greeting cards for birthdays and anniversaries, and direct mail informing the customer of upcoming dealership events. Exclusive offers to loyalty club members is also a great way to keep in touch with your valued customers. Regular contact can make all the difference when it comes to retaining your customers!

American Solutions for Business can help you with each of the examples given for creating a unique customer experience. Whether it’s via web or in person, we’re your one-stop-shop for wowing the consumers of tomorrow!

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