Displaying your Brand: Increase Awareness with Custom Fixtures

With all the products and services American Solutions for Business offers to our customers, it’s important to think bigger than just print or promotional products. Our team of skilled experts and supply chain partners equips us with the proper resources to manage almost every facet of your business. One of our newest and quickly-expanding areas is in the retail market, specifically focusing on point-of-sale and retail fixtures.

A recent success story in this market involves American account managers, Cathy Armando and Sarah Thomas, a sales team in Dallas, Texas, who provided retail solutions for their new client, Kubota. Cathy and Sarah began building their relationship with Kubota in early 2017, initially focusing on promotional products and apparel. However, they soon expanded the conversation to include fixtures and displays. From their extensive experience consulting with large companies, they uncovered important pain-points Kubota was experiencing – quality, logistical challenges and pricing pressures from their dealer network.


Our retail specialists got involved, diving deep into the customers’ challenges, goals and projections to manage the conversations and process around fixtures and displays. Sarah and Cathy continue to manage the promo and apparel program, while overseeing the retail side from a high level. By allowing all players involved to manage their areas of expertise, it allows these programs to be successful and efficient.

Because of our experience, research and pricing, we are now in full production to service their 1,200 North American dealers.

American Solutions for Business is committed to helping our customers succeed through creative solutions, comprehensive tools and unlimited resources. Visit http://www.americanbus.com to learn more or click here to find a sales associate near you!

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