Promotional Products Work!

Regardless of the industry you’re a part of, chances are that promotional products have played an important role in your marketing efforts. Often, when one considers “promotional products”, they think of a cheap trinket with a logo imprinted on it – something that will inevitably and quickly end up in the trash. The truth is that a promotional product is so much more. It can be almost any branded item, covering any budget with no limitations to the creativity and strategy involved. A promotional product provides a lasting impression that tells your unique brand story in a way that no television, radio or magazine ad can. To help share this message, the entire ad specialties industry has dedicated May 14-18, 2018 as Promotional Products Work Week. Check out some of our favorite examples of successful promotional campaigns!

“I Brought You a Souvenir”

After an expanded media outreach campaign brought increasing numbers of visitors to its state and national parks, the Utah Office of Tourism needed to provide quality branded merchandise to meet demand. American Solutions For Business was chosen for the project, and has since created a custom apparel line and a selection of more than 50 promotional products to sell through an online portal and by vendors throughout the state. With the expanded reach that the internet provides, the online store is filling orders for buyers as far away as Europe and China. The branded merchandise enhances the tourist experience and provides a keepsake that will remind them of the great memories made in Utah, long after they are home.

Blissful Bowties
As part of its annual foundation fundraiser, a hospital approached American Solution for Business for promotional ideas. The hospital had recently launched “Bow Tie Tuesday” as part of a morale booster, and it had been a big hit with staff and patients. Adhering to that concept, American provided several different custom-designed bowties to be sold to doctors to raise money for the foundation. Both patterns have repeatedly sold out. The combination of a fun, unique product and custom print made this promotion a smashing success!

Retail TherapyPromoWorksWeek_4

American Solutions for Business was responsible for finding fashionable, flattering and comfortable uniforms for an essential oil retail store. Since the employees were mostly women, it was important that they had branded apparel that looked good on everyone – and avoid the basic polo. American provided them with an array of styles, colors and fabrics to fit their exact needs. Now, they can breathe easy and relax with their new wardrobe!

Heavy Duty eCommerce PromoWorksWeek_3

A large manufacturer of heavy duty trucks and equipment needed to automate ordering, printing, distribution & billing of their calendar program. With a specific budget, they required 60,000 calendars consisting of 475 individual orders and ship-to locations and another 245 custom imprints. Using American’s technology and billing resources, Senior Account Executive, Dick Brimmer, created a program where the customer could easily order and proof calendars online.  550 dealer locations were set up with individual accounts, so that billing was simple. By clearly understanding the customer’s needs as well as American’s eCommerce capabilities, Dick simplified this calendar program  time, money and resources.

Unique UniformingPromoWorksWeek_5

American Solutions for Business was working with a large client in the service industry with extensive uniform program needs. To stand out from the competition and build brand awareness, American recommended custom uniforms. The fabric was dyed prior to cutting and sewing the patterns so they could meet the exact PMS colors. The ordering process required meticulous attention to detail, since uniforms were required for over 800 employees in sizes ranging from XS to 6XT. The first order was for 4,000 uniforms, and a repeat order has already been placed!

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