Financial Market: Establishing Your Brand Mascot


In the financial market, making your brand stand out among the competition can be a challenge. With all the options consumers have today, establishing a clear message and memorable impression is key.

A simple way to do this is to establish a campaign or savings club mascot.

A mascot is as much about getting the crowd engaged as it is creating a memory or experience. Think about those high school days of cheering on the team, led by the oversized animal, fierce character or historical figure.

Even within our own financial solutions team, we have implemented this idea. Using a little stuffed hedgehog as our tradeshow giveaway has been a fun, effective way to approach new customers and create a lasting impression. Follow-up calls and emails became even easier after reminding the recipient that we “were the ones with the little hedgehogs.” With all the booths present at a tradeshow and number of conversations attendees have, it’s likely you could get lost in the shuffle. Creating that memorable moment with someone is key to standing out.

We understand that every financial institution is unique in their needs and strategies to reach their customers and members, and our creative, knowledgeable team is ready to support your branding efforts. Here are some ideas for your next promotion:

Animal Shorties – An assorted group of animals only a couple inches high is perfect for a giveaway or friendly desk item.

elephant shortieAromatic Plush Bear – use all the senses with this soft, aromatherapy plush! Each style is available in Lavender, Jasmine, Cinnamon or Vanilla.

Temporary Tattoo – this cost-effective promo has awesome staying power and is a fun, unique product to get your brand noticed.


Rubber Duck – Include this classic mascot in your next promotion! Chances are, it will stay in the customer’s hands (or tub) for a long time!

rubber ducky

Financial Solutions, a division of ASB, is here to serve your specific needs in the financial industry – from money handling supplies to digital strategies of customer acquisition and retention.  Our total program solution can provide 15-30% savings on non-interest expenses like marketing, materials management and distribution, resulting in cost center accountability and overall budget maintenance. Find out more at or by calling us at 800.721.7135.


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