Insurance Company – Success Story



Our customer was using a manual process to release documents for each insurance agency within their region. The current process was not efficient and did not allow adequate manager approval or release of products. Tasked with providing documents to regional agencies, they needed a way to streamline the process.

Solution_T.png SOLUTION

American created an online eCommerce document catalog to automate releases for each agency. By doing this, we were able to help eliminate their current manual procedure and allow each agency to release product as needed. It also permitted the regional manager to approve releases prior to fulfillment.

Success_T.png SUCCESS

From disorganized to “documents-on-demand!” Not only were we able to provide local representation and support, but we were able to eliminate the inefficient method of releasing documents manually. The solution has both immediate and future benefits—from the efficient release of documents to the future functionality of adding a promotional products catalog for agents.

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