New Year’s Resolutions from our Leadership Team!

We’re excited to see what new challenges and surprises are in store for 2017. Here’s what goals our leadership team has set for the new year!

larry_zavadilLarry Zavadil | Founder & CEO
“My goal is to lose at least 25 pounds in 2017. I cannot have my weight continue to grow as fast as ASB’s sales!”





Justin Zavadil | Executive VP

“I resolve to work smarter in 2017 – I know that I could be much more productive in the coming year if I can improve on my efficiency. I need to be able to delegate the things that can be delegated and not procrastinate on the things that need to be done quickly. I can be much more productive and make ASB much stronger!”



Wayne Martin | VP of Sales Resource Group
“Once  2017 hits, I’m going to start training for a half marathon so I can race in April and May and then switch to biking in the summer. The real wild card will be a cross country skiing marathon in March…as long as we get enough snow to train!”




Glenn Miller | VP of Operations
“As a rule, I don’t make New Year’s resolutions – instead, I have a commitment to two basic goals: 1) Continuous Improvement of self, family,  team, organization, community and 2) Commitment to a philosophy of Lifetime Learning. I believe that it’s our responsibility to improve the world, starting with our little corner of it. Some days it’s two steps forward and three steps back, but the journey and focus keeps me grounded and focused on a track toward that better world!”


katie_hallstromKatie Hallstrom | VP of Human Resources
“I think learning is a continual process throughout a person’s lifetime….no matter the age. I have a number of books that I have purchased and haven’t taken the time to read. So I have made a goal to read a book a month . Also, I simply try to be a better person in how I interact with others, available to listen if necessary, help where needed and do what I can to make the world I touch a better place.


Mike_Pfeiffer.jpgMike Pfeiffer | VP of Information Technology
“My resolution is to have all my team members set up with Individual Development Plans so that we’re all investing in ourselves in the coming year. I’d like the technology team to set and reach short and long-term career goals so that we continue improve together.”





Monique Gregoire | Executive Director of Finance
“I’d like to start daily meditation – it’s proven to reduce stress, increase energy, improve brain function and improve health!”



Share your new year’s resolution with us and have a happy, successful 2017!

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