Introducing Loft8: Exclusive Golf Apparel Only from American!


American Solutions for Business is excited to announce our exclusive partnership with Loft8, an up-and-coming luxury golf and corporate apparel brand that is already established in over 700 golf courses throughout North America and has worked with the CGSAA, Toyota, Chevrolet, Mopar, Ralph Lauren & Footjoy.

Beginning in January 2017, an exclusive line of Loft8 will be available to order on demand, using American’s proprietary eCommerce technology. The products are special in that they have been hand-chosen and modified after input from American’s select corporate and sales associate focus groups. In a way, this collection for our “Just-In-Time” program is a custom line that adds a unique personal touch our current apparel selection.

The Toronto-based Loft8 has been in business for over 17 years and was founded by Charles Choe and a golf professional. Having been in the garment industry for over 20 years, Charles brought key knowledge from the production & design side while his business partner contributed his knowledge of golf industry demands and trends. The goal of Loft8 was to bring to market a product that was affordable and followed the highest standards in quality & performance. Fashion-forward thinking is what drives the design concepts of Loft8 apparel along with considerations for fit, comfort and practicality.

The Loft8 Difference
After a quick look at their catalog, it’s clear that Loft8 is not your typical apparel provider. Charles and his team take pride in standing out as a unique, fashion-focused line that doesn’t rely on basic pieces. Attention to small details allow them to push boundaries in golf fashion while appealing to a wide range of ages and sizes.

Commitment to Quality
Products are designed with comfort and performance in mind so that that people who wear Loft8 garments can benefit from the comfort and feel without breaking the bank. Using the best fabrics and maintaining the highest quality control allows the customer to simply wash and wear the product without having to worry about colors fading, collars curling or materials degrading. Loft8 explains that their line is worth a little extra because there is quality, care and thought put into every aspect of the garments.

Exclusive to American
“We at Loft8 believe in working with good people and organizations with impeccable reputations and excellent products and services. The values and culture that American Solutions for Business embodies is consistent with the type of brand that Loft8 strives for. With that in mind, Loft8 is excited to work with American Solutions in an exclusive partnership.” –Charles Choe

For more information or to set up your program, contact your American Sales Representative today or click here to find one near you! Visit the Loft8 Website to check out additional styles!

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