Packaging Perks- Increasing Sales & Customer Experience


In this sales-driven industry, we’re constantly striving to go above and beyond to provide our customers with the best end product possible. It’s often easy to forget the importance of details – especially packaging. At American, we work with industry experts to ensure our resources, trends and practices are up-to-date. Our packaging consultant, Jeremy Miller, has been in sales for the last five years with Global Link Sourcing and worked in a packaging plant during college. His experience and professional relationships have helped develop his unique perspective in the field.

“Packaging is the face of your brand at many different levels,” explains Jeremy, “It serves several functions such as protection, storage and marketing. Truly great packaging takes all functions into consideration to create the best possible experience for end users as well as the companies using the packaging. Apple was one of the first companies that understood the potential  power of packaging.”

Jeremy suggests contacting your packaging supplier during the beginning phase of a project so that packaging is developed in conjunction with the product to ensure the best possible outcome. Some points to consider include:

  • project timeline
  • packaging budget
  • customer experience opening the packaging
  • product protection
  • retail/online environment
  • shipping/palletizing/distribution of the product
  • medical or FDA regulations
  • reusable packaging

Confectionery TinCurved Rigid Boxes

“Naturally, companies and its employees tend to focus on the actual product because that is what the company is based on. They often stick with what is comfortable. However, over the last several years, we’ve seen some really strong growth with companies and sales teams that are willing to approach their existing customers with new/additional product offerings. Many companies and marketing departments now understand that their packaging and marketing materials are an extension of the product and their brand.”

To learn more about American’s packaging solutions, contact your American Account Representative or find one near you!

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