Hang Up Your Service Marketing Strategy

Since the dawn of the auto industry, engine service centers have been developing new strategies for marketing themselves. Many try to accomplish this direct mail and email marketing. This results in the following response rates:

Direct Mail

  • Geo-targeted lists: 0.5% – 1.5%
  •  Existing customer lists: 15% – 20%

Email Marketing

  • Open rate: 20%
  •  Click thru: 7%
  • Conversion rate: 2%

Most dealership service departments use some form of stock dispatch number to efficiently delegate repair tasks to their technician team and ensure the proper repairs are performed on the correct vehicle. The RL-78 is the top item ordered from American Automotive by our Service Manager customers, but what do you do with them when the repairs are completed? They are disposed of at the dealership or left behind for the customer to throw away. As handy as they may be, the RL-78 has a pretty short utility life span.

Behold, the combination dispatch number and direct marketing solution:

These full color hang tags are an eye-catching tool for delegating your service repair orders while  advertising your current offers to the target market. Rather than getting lost in a pile of junk mail, your message will be hanging prominently in sight.With the dispatch marketing hang tag, you’ll speak to the group most likely to respond – the existing customer.

You can extend the life and utility of your dispatch number and maximize your direct marketing effectiveness by talking to your American Solutions for Business associate today about a dispatch marketing hang tag.

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