Hawaii New Ideas Expo

On March 4th, 2016, American held one of our most successful and well-attended end user shows in Honolulu, Hawaii, hosting over 250 attendees!

The show featured 17 vendor partners to present their newest, most popular promo, apparel and print items to help generate ideas and expand our customers’ programs. American’s new corporate booths were also displayed to facilitate eCommerce training and education.

12834560_10153949585616798_699074328_n (1)
Front of booth – displaying American’s sourcing and decorating capabilities. The shirts hung in the center feature a variety of decorating techniques.

12784506_10153949586116798_1708809166_n (1)
Back of booth – facing the dining area and displaying American’s mission statement.
Vendors exhibited include: American Ad Bag, BIC Graphic, Continental Marketing, Dard Products, Evans Manufacturing, Gemline, High Caliber Line, Hit Promotional Products, Logomark, McKillop Sales, Pacific Data Forms, Pentel, Prime Resources Corp., Sanford Business to Business, SanMar, Sweda, The Magnet Group and Wright Business Graphics
Over the noon hour, lunch was served, allowing for further networking and some needed downtime after walking through the busy show.

Mahalo to all of our customers, vendors and employees who made this possible! To learn more, contact your American rep or click here to find one near you.

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