The Freshest Promo of 2016

American Automotive recently attended one of the top promo shows in the nation in Orlando, FL. Out of all the fun and innovative new items featured, we’re highlighting our top pick for 2016-the Car Air Purifier!

Why we love it:

New technology promos are always fun, but the Car Air Purifier also comes with added health and comfort benefits for the end user! It’s no secret that cars get stuffy, especially during the colder winter months when the windows are rarely rolled down. In the springtime, many battle allergies from pollen and dust; and if your pet is your official sidekick, the dander from their hair can be harmful as well.

The Car Air Purifier combats these and many other air quality pollutants with ionic filter technology. It can remove smoke, dust and odor as well as kill bacteria and viruses. It also increases concentration and relieves fatigue!

Why your customer will love it:

In addition to all the reasons above, the Car Air Purifier freshens the air in the car without adding an additional synthetic scent to the vehicle. Some folks just don’t care for scented air fresheners, and this item is a great alternative. It’s very portable, has a life expectancy of 3-5 years and is easy to use…just plug it into the charging port in your car and let it work its magic! It’s great for drivers of all backgrounds, but especially those who travel in rental cars frequently, as they can bring it along to freshen up their temporary ride.

Why you’ll love it:

The Car Air Purifier comes individually poly-bagged and is laser engraved with your logo. You can use this promo item as a gift with purchase or resell this item in your dealership! It’s also a great item for your loaner fleet. Whichever way you choose to get this promo to your customer, your logo will be seen for years to come!

To learn more about this and other great automotive promo items, contact your American Solutions for Business sales associate. Don’t have an associate? Click Here to find your nearest ASB representative!

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