11 Promotions That Will Heat Up Your Summer

With the New Year over a month in and budgets evaluated and replenished, it’s time to start thinking about your summer marketing plans. Summer months are the busiest at any dealership. Chances are you have plans for an outdoor customer event and perhaps an exhibit at a local community event. We’ve found 11 promo ideas to make your summer sales sizzle!

The Classics

We know them, we love them and they’re proven to work. Here are 4 items to start your marketing strategy off right!

1. Dependable Pens

Writing instruments are the foundation of any effective promotional campaign. In fact,  50% of consumers own a logoed writing instrument at any given time; and they use them, often, 18 times per month on average to be exact. That kind of staying and impression power only comes from reliable and comfortable writing instruments. With simple, yet striking designs and generations of proven reliability, these pens will be the cornerstone of a strong summer promo plan.


2. Adhesive Notepads

Many people jot down notes all day and prefer the sticky note over any other medium. Wherever there is a customer waiting area, there should be adhesive notepads. Employees’ notes should never go unaccompanied without your logo, and with an adhesive notepad, they won’t. Whether you choose a unique shape or the classic square, these notepads will ensure you stick in your customer’s mind.


3. Business Card Magnets

Attract customers with a Business Card Magnet! Magnets have stood the test of time in effective marketing. The refrigerator is often the message center of the home and visited several times a day, so taking advantage of the full color process will help your message stand out! Whether your magnet is holding up a family photo, a child’s artwork, or a grocery list, your target audience will be happy to have this promo item.

business card magnet

4. Cool Collapsible KOOZIE®

Keep things cool this summer with this timeless promotion. These KOOZIES® work great for everyday giveaways as well as customer appreciation and community events. KOOZIES® are not only a promo with utility, they are often a conversation piece and nostalgic keepsake. Adding a funny or catchy phrase or slogan to your KOOZIE® can also boost its staying power. The most durable styles of KOOZIE® can stick with your customer for years and even decades.


The Necessities

These particular items everyone needs can also make for great promotions. Here are a couple essential items that will set your dealership apart.

5. Name Tags that POP!

Employee turnover is a reality of any dealership, so choosing a cost-effective name tag that makes a statement is a smart move. Magnetic name tags stay put without damaging clothing. With available four-color process, your customers will remember your employees’ name, which can have a positive effect on customer service and lead tracking.


6. Great Grocery Totes

When your customer purchases their new car, make the transition from their old ride smooth with a tote to move their personal belongings. With the green revolution and environmental consciousness still going strong, these totes will remain useful to your customers long after they drive off the lot. Not only will they be used by your customers, they will be seen by others wherever they go.


Summer Flare

Capitalize on the busiest time of year with these 5 summertime promotions!

7. Sunscreen Packets

Whether at a parade or community event, folks will be grateful you’re looking out for them with these logoed sunscreen packets. Just like your customers rely on you to keep their family safe with industry-leading safety features in their vehicle, they can also rely on you to keep them protected from the sun’s harmful rays while they’re enjoying the warm weather.


8. Drawstring Backpack

One of the most popular promotional items for any community event is the drawstring backpack. With its simple design, convenience and popularity, this is another promotion with immense staying power. Your audience can use this bag for many different purposes that will increase your public visibility; including carrying items to sporting events, the beach and at other community events.

drawstring back pack

9. Totally Awesome Tumblers

With the ever-growing health-conscious diet habits, the tumbler is becoming an everyday necessity in the lives of many. Whether your audience prefers green smoothies or a simple glass of water, this tumbler will allow them to stay healthy and preserve the environment at the same time, while your brand stays visible.


10. Classic Headwear with a Twist

For many, summer is baseball season and caps are still one of the most popular promotional items a business can choose. This fashion staple transcends all ages and backgrounds of target audience. Many who wear baseball caps do so everyday, giving your dealership constant visibility in a wide range of environments. These caps come in a variety of colors to fit any personality.

baseball cap

11. Perfectly Patterned Golf Tee Pouch

Nothing says summer quite like teeing up at your favorite course on a bright sunny day. When your customer’s vehicle choice is dictated by the available space for a golf bag, why not complete the package with this Patterned Gold Tee Pouch? These fun designs will ensure that your customer’s perfect back swing isn’t the only thing others are asking advice on. With golf being most popular with the auto industry’s key new car buyer demographic, this Patterned Golf Tee Pouch will ensure your visibility to your target market.

Pattern Golf Tee Pouch

Whether you choose just a few or all of these cost-effective promotional items, your summer campaign is sure to be successful. Contact your ASB Automotive representative for information on these and other promotional items. For even more savings, be sure to order by April 30, 2016.





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