American Offers Under Armour

We’re excited to announce that Under Armour has entered into the promotional product industry! American is part of the exclusive  1% of distributors able to sell Under Armour, and is introducing 27 apparel options, 6 bags and 10 headwear pieces to the market. To view the product line, please contact your American Sales Associate.


Why choose Under Armour?

  1. One of the Greats – There is a reason why Under Armour is one of the most sought after brands; they are the originator of performance apparel. Engineered to keep athletes cool, dry and light during use.
  2. Brand Awareness – Perceived value of your brand is boosted by featuring your name on Under Armour apparel.
  3. Fashion Forward – Featuring cutting-edge styles, cuts, trendy color palette and patterns, this performing apparel is both functional and stylish.

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