5 Qualities of Successful Sales Associates

Not everyone is cut out to be in sales. It takes a certain type of person to drive their own destiny in order to be successful. At American, we search far and wide to find the best and brightest to join our growing team. Here are the necessary qualities our sales associates possess:


1. Entrepreneurial Spirit
Successful salespeople know who they are and what they want. They refuse to be boxed in and are driven by creating and building profitable solutions. They’re willing to take the necessary risks to thrive in this industry.

2. Experience
They don’t take shortcuts! Many of our sales associates have years of hard work and dedication behind them and solid relationships with clients, colleagues and mentors who drive their business. American also has an emerging wave of new sales associates who are hungry to succeed and can provide a fresh, new outlook in the field while tapping into the resources of their office support teams and over 200 home-office employees.

3. Honesty
They’re honest and keep agreements and commitments regardless of price. They take ownership of their mistakes and do what it takes to resolve them.

4. Tenacity
They take chances. When the pain comes, they don’t avoid it – rather, they embrace it and know pain is temporary. By working hard and remaining steadfast, they will emerge successful.

5. Hunger
They set meaningful and ambitious expectations for themselves. Once they achieve their goal, they don’t sit back and coast. They work hard to stay on top to bring their business to the next level.

Click here to learn more about joining the American team! 

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