10 Promotional Holiday Gift Ideas To Get You Noticed

‘Tis the season for promotional products! Every year, many scramble to search for the perfect gift for our family, friends and work associates, only to fall back on hum-drum, generic items that end up collecting dust on the shelf. Well, fret no more—we’ve compiled a list of our favorite trending gift ideas that are sure to bring holiday cheer.

1. JBL Pulse Bluetooth Speaker — you’ve never seen Bluetooth speakers quite like this. With programmable LED lights that pulse to the music and sophisticated design, this state-of-the-art portable speaker is the future of the tech market.


2. Solstice Solar Power Pack — ditch the power socket and turn to a brighter power source. This sleek power pack features a large solar charging panel and several USB ports to power your devices with clean energy. It’s a useful gift for camping, hiking, sporting events or any outdoor activity!


3. Brookstone Electric Wine Chiller — We love this unique, fun gift for the wine enthusiast in your life. The perfect device for any party host also features multiple settings for red wine, white wine and champagne. Cheers!


4. Fromagio Bamboo/Slate Cheese Set —This earthy, yet sophisticated set comes with a removable slate cutting board, bamboo tray and two bamboo-handled utensils. Enjoy this creative twist on a classic holiday gift!


5. Ogio Ladies Melrose Tote — where functionality meets style. This adorable classic tote gets a modern flair, featuring metal buttons and cinched belt. It also includes padded tablet and laptop compartments, making it the “go-to” accessory for work or school.


6. Stormy Kromer Peninsula Cap — In a word full of beanies and baseball hats, splurge on the vintage look of this wool flannel and full-grain leather cap. This warm, winter must-have captures the rugged feel of the outdoors while maintaining a polished look.


7. Men’s Donegal Reversible Hoody — this zip-up is as cozy as it is cool.  Perfect for chilly weather, it features water-repellent reversible lining, attached adjustable hood and several handy pockets.


8. Maxine Extreme Waterproof/Breathable Jacket —It’s the welcome reassurance that spring is just around the corner, yet warm enough for the winter weather. This fitted, stylish jacket is great for both work and play and available in 4 trendy colors.


9. Cross Prime Zippered Padfolio Bundle Set — A great option for a co-worker or working professional in your life, this zippered padfolio is a fitting companion for a busy schedule. It includes a writing pad, pen and tons of pockets and straps for accessories.


10. Brookstone Deluxe Roadside Safety Kit — The holidays are always a busy time for travel. With icy roads and cold temperatures, there’s no better way to show you care than with a roadside safety kit. This stylish, compact set includes emergency essentials such as a flashlight, LED flasher, jumper cables, gloves, bungee cords, and a blanket.


Don’t forget to share your favorite gift ideas with us! Happy Holidays!

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