ASB releases ACES ELiTE Stores on eCommerce platform

American Solutions for Business has announced the immediate availability of ACES ELiTE stores, extending the improved technology and enhanced front-end experience of ACES (American’s proprietary eCommerce platform) to a wider range of sales associates and customers.

“We just completed our 3-year ELiTE Product Roadmap, leveraging the newest Microsoft Core and PowerBI technologies,” explained VP of Technology, Mike Pfeiffer. “Our amazing team did so despite a worldwide pandemic and unprecedented cybersecurity attacks and threats to our industry.”

Customers have already began benefiting from deploying ACES ELiTE stores. ACES ELiTE stores are now being further implemented for both new sites as well as the migration of existing sites. These stores where originally launched in June of 2022 as a limited rollout, and currently have 118 active sites, supporting 7,773 unique users and nearly 30,000 orders.

“ACES ELiTE stores are the next step in our nearly 25-year journey to provide our customers, sales associates and partners with the easiest way to place online orders,” explained Director of E-Commerce, Michael Schmitz.

ACES ELiTE is an update driven by customer and sales associate feedback and is part of American Solutions for Business’s commitment to deliver the latest technology updates, with new and emerging standards and improvements in areas such as search, user experience, and accessibility.

To learn more about American Solutions for Business, visit

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