Vendor Advisory Spotlight | Marc Held

Title: Senior Vice President of Sales and Customer Service

Supplier: alphabroder/Prime Line

How do you define the mission and purpose of your role within your organization?

My ultimate goal is to exceed sales revenues, sales profitability goals, and budgetary objectives for the organization, while at the same time cultivating and supporting a positive customer and employee experience. I strive to provide our employees with a positive culture and a rewarding opportunity. I take pride in nurturing and developing their personal growth. Our incredible, knowledgeable sales and customer service teams (and I) work hard to provide our customers with best-in-class service, quick response times, and solutions to all their promotional needs.

What motivates you to keep growing in your work and professional knowledge?

My love for my job and organization is a big motivator. I am a competitive person, who enjoys the challenge and accountability of my role ā€“ I want to win. By nature, I am an inquisitive leader who has surrounded himself with incredible talent. I learn every day from our team, my peers, and our customers. In addition, I read a ton of business, sales, finance, leadership, and self-improvement articles, books, white papers ā€“ really anything I can get my hands on. I learned a long time ago to never stop learning and challenging yourself.

What are your favorite hobbies and activities?

Any free time I have is devoted to my wife Danielle and my son Bennett. They are my ultimate motivation. We love to be together whether it is at the Jersey Shore, taking in a Phillies game or just hanging around the pool with family and friends. Family time was instilled in me by my father. For 25 years, he and I did a father/son hiking trip. We explored Alaska, Montana, Wyoming, and Canada. I hope Bennet and I can have those same adventures.

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