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What is a traditional eCommerce site?

Traditional eCommerce sites are long term online retail spaces that can contain a variety of products and can be geared towards any group. Employee stores are a great example of the more traditional site. If you have employee retention programs such as a points program, those points can be used to select a gift on the employee site. Essentials, such as lanyards and badge holders, are great ideas for teachers and other staff members like kitchen staff and the maintenance crew. There is also capability for selling uniforms for staff and materials such as forms and office products. Print stores will also allow your school to order business cards, forms and marketing collateral on demand, limiting the need to store them on your campus.

Since the pandemic, numerous companies have started using or have ramped up their use of internet solutions. These include: virtual meetings, online employee stores, online pop-up stores, and much more. Online shopping in general has increased in popularity. Many people would rather stay home and order from their computer or mobile device than drive to a store and stand in line. American Solutions for Business has jumped right on this train and has several solutions for your eCommerce needs.

How can you use todays growing technology to your advantage in the education setting? American has provided several schools with eCommerce solutions including online pop-up stores, employee stores and traditional eCommerce sites. From grade school through college, there are many options and ideas that will fit your needs. Choosing what type of eCommerce solution will work for your school can be easy with the help of our dedicated teams at American.

What is an online pop-up store?

Online pop-up stores are temporary retail spaces that can be used to promote new or specialty products for specific events. This covers a wide variety of store options, including spiritwear, gameday, holiday, seasonal, welcome fairs, freshman orientation, graduation, fundraising or any other event for on demand purchasing. Pop-up stores are ideal for allowing individuals to purchase as desired rather than schools maintaining inventory.

Let’s take a deeper look into the following pop-up stores:

Spiritwear pop-up stores are great for rival and championship games. Make sure your students and their families have access to winter gear, blankets, hats, pom-poms and other items that help them show their school spirit. Having a holiday pop-up store is a great way to give parents and students the option to give thoughtful school branded items for gifts. From ornaments with the school logo to “ugly sweaters” and winter gear, everyone can find something their student or family will love. Welcome fairs and freshman orientation pop-up stores can give an opportunity for new students to showcase their school spirit before they step on campus. Some popular items for this type of store are backpacks, sweatshirts, decals, tech gear, umbrellas, notebooks, folders and so much more. This type of shop can also be used in grade school as a welcome to the new kindergartners, new middle schoolers and new high schoolers. You can also use pop-up stores for selling Graduation focused gifts and garb to send your students on their way in style. Pop-up stores have also been used for finals week, allowing parents to buy their students finals kits. These gifts of snack and swag will help them get through tough times, no matter how far apart they are. Fundraising can also be done on an eCommerce platform which streamlines the process, making it easier on you and your staff.

American Solutions for Business is dedicated to helping with your educational needs. Whether you need to order on the fly, or need long-term solutions, American can help find the right eCommerce platform for you. Reach out to your sales representative to learn more.

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