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Employees that are engaged and committed to their employer are essential to the success of any organization. Employee retention is a focused goal in all markets in 2022 and will continue well into 2023. The healthcare industry has had issues with retention for years, due to the difficulty of the job and industry. This has increased over the past couple of years partly due to the Covid-19 pandemic. There is a long list of options to better help engage with employees.

There are several different types of incentive, and recognition programs to show your appreciation. Honor employees for their years of service and reward them for their time and commitment to the organization. Offer points, allocation dollars, or gift codes through a branded eCommerce site for meeting goals and/or providing exceptional service. Safety programs are great for rewarding employees for completing safety training and following safety protocols.

A virtual employee pop up store is one very popular program that can help with engagement. There are a lot of options through American Solutions for Business. Points programs also very popular and are utilized for employee recognition, incentive and loyalty programs. The points are treated as a payment on an order, and they can be available for one-time use, multiple uses or can be set to expire at a given date. eGift Codes are another option, they are similar to retail gift cards and can be used once or multiple times. Allocation Dollars are also an option. These are great for giving to individuals for recognition programs.

Paying attention to all employees is important. There are, however, specific dates that are set aside to recognize specific sectors of the healthcare team. National Doctor’s Day in March, National Nurses week in May, and October is National Pharmacy Month are just a few examples. From anesthesiologists to phlebotomists, every department has their own recognition days. American’s team can help identify these special days and find unique ways to celebrate them.

As always, cost savings is also huge in any market. A lot of healthcare facilities are a part of Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO) to help with large purchases. Healthcare suppliers usually sign up with these organizations to save on big-ticket items such as large medical equipment. Not only can they help with these high value items, but they can also help on smaller purchases and create room in the budget for employee recognition and incentive programs. American is a contracted supplier with Vizient, Premier, HealthTrust and CoreTrust. We can offer cost savings on a wide variety of print as well as promotional products.

American Solutions for Business is dedicated to helping your organization attack expenses, simplify processes, and build your brand. Reach out to your sales representative to learn more.

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