Client Success Story | Private School Retention

Retention is on the mind of all those involved in education. How do we keep students coming back, and how do we show appreciation to those already here? American sales associate, Nicole Baker created a kitted solution for those questions.

After their recruiting efforts were turned upside down during the pandemic, a private school’s marketing and admissions teams were scrambling to find a way to recruit new students, while targeting prospective families. With no in-person open house events or campus tours, they had to quickly come up with a new plan.

Enter: an admissions cycle drip campaign. This included 4 groups/drips:
1) Open House: All students/families who attended a virtual open house event received a custom box filled with a t-shirt, mask, coaster/puzzle and stickers. A total of 6 batches were sent to families on the school’s address list.
2) Acceptance: Once a student was accepted into the school, they received a custom mailer bag with a water bottle, frisbee and airpod cover.
3) Enrollment: After a student was enrolled in the school, they received a final mailer bag that included a 1/4 zip or sweatshirt (depending on age group), lanyard and sticker.
4) Current Students: Those who are already attending the school, but moved from elementary to junior high, or junior high to high school, were shipped a sweatshirt after enrolling in the next grade level.

“Being able to quickly change directions and create a unique open house experience was a significant value to my customer,” explain Nicole Baker. “We’ve made a few adjustments to adapt to in-person events, and will hopefully create repeat orders for years to come.”

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