Carley Yobbi Transitions to Title of Sales Associate

The transition from customer service representative to sales can often be overwhelming, but Carley Yobbi has taken it in stride. Working diligently with her mom, Tracy McNerney, and stepdad, John McNerney for years, Carley became fluent in the nuances of American. She fulfilled orders, got familiar with procedures, and has now made the official title change. Continue reading to learn how the process worked for her.

Q: How is your role different?

A: I will be taking over selling rather than day to day customer relations. I was blessed that John split up some of our accounts to put under my sales number, and I’m continuing to get new ones. I am targeting customers that I’m already doing business with. We had a lower spending with some of them and now I’m going back and revamping their merch and printing to revitalize their numbers.

Q: What aspects of your job are the same?

A: John and I will be working closely with both his clients and mine. We think it is a better business model for us to work together and then we can allocate some accounts to just me in the future. We hired a new customer service rep last month and that has been working out great. He’s very eager to learn and has been taking over a lot of my daily tasks. It’s allowing me to be more proactive and sell.

Q: How have John & Tracy helped with your transition?

A: They are teaching me the dos and don’ts on how to manage my time and how to be a better contact for my customers. John is teaching me what to focus on for each customer and what it means to look at the bigger picture. They’ve really helped teach me the whole business aspect, billing and really the entire work model of an American sales rep. It’s different than doing artwork, sourcing, order entry and ACES sites like I was previously doing.

Q: What are you most looking forward to in your new role?

A: I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge in the print and promo industry. I want to dive deeper and be a bigger resource to my customers. I hope to build a larger list and continue to represent my customers the best I can.

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