Beach Towel Keepsake | Case Study

Situation: A private high school was looking for a way to encourage social distancing at a culminating event for the end of the school year. They also wanted to leave the students with fond memories and thank them for cooperating with the pandemic restrictions. Since the event was a beach bonfire, they wanted a keepsake item that would accomplish both goals.

Solution: American suggested a customized beach towel to set up around the event area for socially distanced seating arrangements and students to take home at the end of the night. Beach towels are kept on an average for 15 years which made for a perfect keepsake for the students!

Success: The private high school was thrilled with the outcome of the towels for their event and students were excited to keep them. The towels were such a hit that the admissions department placed a subsequent order to distribute to incoming freshmen.

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