How ASB Can Help Dealerships Ensure a Smooth Acquisition

Last year was a record year for dealership acquisitions and industry experts predict that trend will continue well into 2022. Recently, Automotive News hosted a webinar in which the panel discussed tips for a smooth acquisition and transition of ownership. Key takeaways from the webinar were that champions from both the buying and selling entities need to be identified and empowered to work together to identify processes, efficiencies, inefficiencies and obtain buy-in from individuals at every level of the dealership being acquired.

American Solutions for Business can play an important role in ensuring that your acquisition is a well-oiled operation. If you’re already a customer of ASB, purchasing your print and/or promotional solutions from us, we can assist you with onboarding your new team members to your procurement procedures. Whether you order traditionally by phone or email, or you utilize our ACES eCommerce procurement solution, we are available to train the purchasers at your new location on your purchasing methods. If you’re not yet an ASB customer, then the new acquisition phase is a great time to explore what we have to offer. We’ll help your team identify inefficiencies in your existing procurement process and solve those inefficiencies to not only ensure your acquisition is purchasing with good habits, but that we reduce expenses at your existing locations as well and harness the buying power of your entire organization.

Rebranding efforts can be daunting and time-consuming during the acquisition. ASB sales associates have experience with the nuances of dealership acquisition because we have helped so many of our customers through the process. We can help you identify the solutions that need to be considered when rebranding your acquisition, from letterhead and business cards to apparel and commercial print. We also understand the special consideration needed when it comes to billing during an acquisition and are prepared to meet your transactional needs.

One of the most challenging aspects of dealership acquisition, especially in today’s job market, is retaining talent. Naturally, team members at the dealership being acquired can be concerned about the changes they will experience under new ownership and management. Part of putting team members’ minds at ease is making them feel welcome within your organization. American can provide solutions that help with this aspect immensely. We start with a welcome kit: a box branded for your dealer group that conveys positive images of comradery, excitement and teamwork. In this box, we’ll include your company handbook, a personalized welcome note and promotional products that are thoughtful, useful and most importantly, make the recipient feel as though they are gaining a new family, not just a new employer. We can also rapidly set up an ordering site for your team to order new apparel and business cards quickly and easily as well as provide sample sizes for them to try on to ensure a great fit.

Whether you’re an existing ASB customer or have not yet worked with us, if you’re planning a dealership acquisition, reach out to us! Let’s have a conversation about how we can help ensure a smooth acquisition.

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