Automotive Loans | Case Study


A credit union was preparing for its largest promotion of the year. Their target audience being car owners in the area looking to refinance their vehicle loans. For this year’s agenda, they wanted to target a more specific group of people—credit union members with auto loans through other financial institutions, non-members in the area that have auto loans and non-members in the area that have no record of loans.


American suggested a unique and advanced targeted mailing campaign. The mailing campaign showed the recipients interest rate, a new payment amount and their personalized data. The cover of the mailer used a teaser tag line that used the recipient’s name. American also suggested using a digital support program such as social media, videos and digital listening to boost their success.


The client was so pleased with the success of their promotion the VP of marketing is quoted, “MOST SUCCESSFUL Promotion for our credit union we’ve ever done in all the years….”. The client had doubled the average in all the years they ran this annual promotion. The client was also pleased with the digital efforts, believing to be evolving with the times and staying relevant.

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