Family Matters | Jodi McGinty & Greg Nelson

At American Solutions for Business, we love to highlight the family dynamics that make up our sales force and corporate teams. This month’s feature is the spirited sibling duo of Jodi (Vendor Relations Coordinator) & Greg (Director of Acquisitions & Transitions) , as they tell us more about their efforts together and apart in the American family.

What is the birth order?

Jodi: I am the oldest.

Greg: There’s a sibling between us also.

What’s your favorite memory from your childhood?

Jodi: Living on the lake and traveling.

Greg: The experience was different for all of us because of our age difference, but I remember going to the lake and going on vacations.

Do you work together often?

Jodi: No, he’s more on the sales end and I’m on the vendor relations side.

Greg: Not professionally. Jodi helps coordinate and plan our conferences, and I attend them. I jump in when she tells me to.

Where did you go to school?

Jodi: I went to Fergus Falls Community College first and then went to St. Cloud Business College (now Rasmussen Business College).

Greg: I got my Associates degree from St. Cloud Technical College, my bachelor’s degree in business management from Southwest Minnesota State University. Jodi actually nudged me to apply because I had just quit my job at the time and I was a bit of a free spirit.

When did you both start working for American?

Jodi: I interned in the summer of 2014 half in sale and half in vendor relations and then officially hired in vendor relations in 2015. When I started, they had two part time people in vendor relations, and now we have two full time.

Greg: I’ve been here 9 years, started in 2012 in the SOS department as an SOS coordinator. They created my current department and my position based on wanting a more of a focus on acquisitions of sales companies.

What’s a fun fact about the two of you?

Jodi: We used to have the same wedding anniversary 11 years apart.

Greg: We lived a block away from Jodi for 9 years during her daycare days and we’d often go over and visit.

Why do you recommend working with family?

Jodi: We grew apart because of our age difference, but now that we live in the same town, we do A LOT together. So even though I don’t see him much at work, we get to after the day is done. We go to a lot of working events together and I know I can always go to him with work questions.

Greg: If I need a quick answer, Jodi is very reliable. And if I can’t get a quick answer, I know where she lives.

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