Dealership focus: Engaging your customers at their comfort level

As vaccination progress continues and the country opens up, returning to some sense of normalcy, it’s important to remember that your customers will have varying levels of comfort with standard business-to-consumer interactions. We’re here to offer ideas to help you engage your customers at their comfort level.

Socially Distanced Small Events

Some of your customers aren’t quite ready to mingle among large crowds of people yet and are still worry of the potential spread of COVID. For these customers, we recommend hosting smaller events where social distancing and other mitigation protocols can still be employed while giving customers a chance to “ease” back into public gatherings.

Some options include VIP coffee and donuts at the dealership event or hosting a learning session educating customers on a specific topic surrounding car buying or ownership. Determine the maximum capacity for a socially distanced gathering in the space that you have available, contact customers via direct mail and other advertising methods and be sure to let them know space is limited and to register soon. This not only gives you an opportunity to inform the customer that this event will be conscious of their personal safety, but also create a sense of urgency to respond and join. By inviting customers to come to the dealership in small gatherings, you’re familiarizing your customer with the location and developing a more personal relationship with them.

When planning your socially distanced small event, keep in mind the sanitizing processes, signage and PPE that you will need to create a comfortable and safe environment.

Outdoor Mid-Sized Events

CDC guidance states that COVID transmission risk is significantly reduced when outdoors and with so much of the population vaccinated. Guidance states that folks can gather in larger numbers and without masks provided they are in an outdoor space. Hosting an outdoor customer appreciation event or car show is a great way to engage market consumers comfortable with this level of interaction.

You’ll still want to be conscious of mitigation protocols like single-use food service items, PPE for anyone handling food and having hand sanitizer handy for those who want to use it. It’s no secret that sunshine and fresh air are key to a healthy immune system so getting people outside for an event has many benefits. Make your atmosphere fun and exciting with music, outdoor games and perhaps door prizes for those attending.

Large Community Events

Some are ready to get fully back to normal. Many of the annual events that were missed last year due to social distancing guidance are back on with some limitations or no limitations at all. Since it’s been so long since we all had a chance to get out and mingle, visitors to these large events will be more open to “soaking it all in” and stopping by every exhibit or booth at a fair. Take advantage of this perspective by creating an inviting and exciting space with branded backgrounds, flags and balloons as well as fun and useful giveaways.

While your customer base will have a mixture of individuals at each level of comfort when it comes to engagement, you can meet everyone where they are by planning and participating in events in all three of the previously mentioned categories. For help with signage, PPE, direct mail, giveaway promo and other items to make each event a success, reach out to your ASB sales associate!

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