Virtual Event Gifting | Case Study

Client: Financial Company

Print Solutions | Promotional Products | Kitting & Fulfillment | Marketing Solutions

Situation: A financial company’s annual sales rally event was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The event was postponed to November and become a virtual event with “Recharge” as the theme. They were looking for a solution to encourage employees to register early, engage the support team who does not typically attend these events and build excitement for a week of learning. They involved American Solutions for Business in the early stages of planning to help collaborate on
product selection, kitting solutions, timeline and delivery services.

Solution: Once registered, a fully customized Recharge box was delivered to each employee’s home. Each box came with a book from the keynote speaker, tumbler & straw set, custom playing cards, themed t-shirt and webcam cover. When each employee opened his or her box, the inside lid featured messaging and branding from the diamond sponsor. The NFC technology pen opened a welcome video from their employer and sponsor hyping up the sales rally with a sneak peek of the content.
On the first day of the event, attendees were encouraged to wear their t-shirts to build camaraderie and share experiences virtually. They enjoyed information from keynote speakers while enjoying a beverage in their tumblers, taking notes with their pen and covering their webcam during break times. One of the activities planned for the day also involved the use of the playing cards provided in the custom box.

Success: Over 1,200 employees received their box prior to the event to encourage them to attend training and listen to keynote speakers, wear and use their swag and garner knowledge to be successful in their role. The virtual event allowed for the opportunity to invite both sales and support team members, which doubled the attendees compared to previous years. ASB strategized with the customer to find solutions that would be used before, during and after the event was over.

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