American Solutions for Business Hosts Over 1,200 Meetings at Virtual Event

In conjunction with sister company, American Diversity, American Solutions for Business recently held a virtual event called Thriving in 20 – a format in which ASB salespeople and team members could choose to schedule private 20-minute sessions with 69 selected vendor partners over a 2-week span.

The event also included a kickoff day with update videos from leaders at ASB as well as industry figures, Paul Bellantone (PPAI), Tim Andrews (ASI) and Matt Bruno (PSDA). The kickoff was followed by a virtual social hour open to all participants.

“Just because we aren’t able to host large-scale events in person doesn’t mean we can’t benefit from virtual opportunities to connect our salespeople with our top vendor partners,” says Dana Zezzo, ASB’s VP of Marketing, Vendor Relations & Events. “This format allowed for an inclusive, cost-effective environment that worked around all participants’ schedules.”

Since the pandemic, ASB has been taking an aggressive approach in embracing technology platforms available in the market.

Feedback from participating vendor partners:

“The Thriving in 20 event was nothing short of extraordinary. Being able to duplicate an in-person meeting is no easy task, but ASB nailed it. Reps came prepared and ready to discuss opportunities and were super engaging and committed to forming true partnerships with the Patriot partners.”
– Tom Clouser, National Account Manager, BEL Promo.

“This was the most valuable virtual event that I have participated in all year! In addition to the level of organization and the attention to detail, it provided a framework to make lasting and personal connections in a remote world. The opportunities that resulted from this event are already being felt, and I am so grateful to everyone who made the time to meet with me!”
– Kate Fassel, National Director of US Business Development, Spector & Co

“Given the state of the world, Thriving in 20 provided the perfect platform for re-connecting with our ASB family.  Though it was all done virtually, this event certainly provided a boost to our partnership. Thank you so much!”
– Nick Lateur, National Sales Manager, Imagen Brands

“Never have I met with a team from further away while feeling so close together. Thriving in 20 has allowed us to meet and learn with so many amazing American reps and I want to thank you for including us.”
– Justin Lackman, National Sales Manager, AdNArt

“We enjoyed ASB’s creativity in putting together a virtual event that allowed associates and vendors to connect. We had several successful meetings and have already received print opportunities as a direct result of Thriving in 20. Excellent job American and thank you!!”
– Kristie Johnson, Account Manager, Royal

“Wow – What an incredible virtual event! 20 minutes is all you need to connect and brain storm ideas. Thanks for the great tools to make this a one of a kind event.”
– Charles Duggan, National & Strategic Accounts Manager

“The virtual setting allowed me a chance do demos on the fly. I was able to walk Sales Associates through our website, show what our templates looks like on customer-specific ACES sites, showcase our Brand on Demand option, and discuss when and where each option is the most relevant. The Thriving in 20 event allowed us to get through the introductory phase of our technology offerings, and helped us set the stage for a more exploratory follow-up session to really get down to business.”
– Amanda Vogel, Senior Account Executive, Navitor

“By far one of the best national account events I’ve done all year. Great job ASB!”
– Megan Zezzo, National Accounts, S&S Activewear

“The reps we spoke with were all enthusiastic and showed great interest in knowing what HCF had to offer! What a great, innovative way to keep us all engaged. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to expand our business with ASB.”
– Terri Caruso, HCF (Highland Computer Forms)

To learn more about American Solutions for Business, visit

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