Classroom Desk Shields

Client: Public School District

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Situation: After hearing news that their schools were mandated to open for the fall semester in mid-August, the school district was desperate to find solutions for all the new virus-related procedures they are now required to follow. The main objective was to protect and stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus among their students and faculty. They looked to American Solutions for Business to develop a student desk shield that would protect students and still allow them the opportunity to attend and fully participate in class.

Solution: Within a day, American responded and sourced an option for a clear acrylic student desk shield and a prototype was created and overnighted to the school district to be examined. They placed the unit in a school classroom setting and deemed it a success. The product was manufactured and delivered to the customer, meeting their required in-hands date.

Success: Due to the efforts of multiple American teams working together, they were able to provide this solution to two different school districts. The initial orders were for 10,000 units for one district and 12,000 units for the second school district for a total of 22,000 units provided! With 42 more school districts in the state, American is developing additional strategies and marketing campaigns to promote the desk shields and other personal protective equipment solutions to make accessible for all. Schools are able to meet their new challenging requirements and staff and students can feel safe and comfortable when finally being able to attend school again.

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