American Solutions for Business Partners with Valenti Print Group

American Solutions for Business is proud to announce that Valenti Print Group (VPG) of Honolulu, HI has joined the ASB team.

VPG specializes in print and mailing services and shares many other similarities with ASB; they are also an employee-owned company founded in 1981 with a creative, family-friendly culture. Their team is local to Hawaii and is a dynamic group individuals from different cultures, nationalities and professional experience.

Despite the challenges of a global pandemic, both teams were able to facilitate the onboarding process smoothly after months of constant communication at every level.

“We’re incredibly honored to have Valenti Print Group as part of the American Family,” said Larry Zavadil, Founder & CEO of American Solutions for Business. “There’s a saying that ‘if you want to go fast, go alone – if you want to go far, go together’…our plan is to be the last company standing together. It’s not often that we find another company with the same missions, values and culture – we have found that in our partnership with Valenti.”

Team Members:

Mary Valenti, President of Valenti Board
David Hayter, Sales
Alex Eyre, Sales
Caroline Ching, Controller

How would you describe Valenti’s culture? Why/how do you resonate with it?

Mary: Innovative, collaborative and progressive.
David: Family oriented, locally focused
Alex: It’s a little hard to describe. We’re an interesting bunch. We’re made up of people from various nationalities, languages and cultures. We’ve been through the fire together and haven’t killed each other. Actually, we’ve always stayed friends. I think our clients pick up on that.
Caroline: Valenti is full of fun, creative people. It feels far more like a family than a business sometimes. It is a place where I feel comfortable being myself. Even though I work in finance and accounting, I am NOT a boring, stuffy person. I am quirky and have a somewhat rebellious personality. I don’t need to hide my weirdness 🙂

What does Valenti do better than the competition?

Mary: Customer Service/Creativity in print.
David: We respond to customer requests faster than most companies
Alex: I really don’t pay much attention to competition. Personally, my goal is to make my clients feel good about working with VPG. I treat my clients with honesty and integrity. I pay attention to their needs and work to figure the best way to meets their needs while keeping the jobs profitable and the clients smiling.
Caroline: Our offset print quality is exceptional. Our press operators have great attention to detail and are constantly looking at color, registration, etc.

How has Valenti grown and evolved during your time with the company?

Mary: We’ve watched it grow with our clients and adapt to changes and needs. Most of the Employees have been there over 10 years. They are always willing to take on challenges and are cross trained so the can help in all areas when needed.
David: After the passing of our founders, Valenti has not grown, but we have endured.
Alex: VPG has evolved greatly since I started in 2001. After the passing of Patrick Valenti & Scott O Brien (the two owners) we worked diligently to keep the company afloat and it, eventually, became an ESOP. Lots of hard work and sacrifice but we’ve kept it going.
Caroline: When I started here, it was kind of uptight in a way. Uptight isn’t exactly the right word, but I’m not coming up with a better one. My first year here, Halloween was coming up and I asked if we could dress up. The response was, “Well, there’s no rule against it, but no one’s ever done that.” Well, I dressed up. And convinced a few others to do the same. Since then, I feel like Valenti has become more flexible and creative in how its employees work because people feel more comfortable expressing themselves.

What benefits and growth opportunities will Valenti enjoy from joining ASB?

Mary: ASB will provide the resources to enhance and help grow the specialty products side of VPG. Print will never completely go away, and to add to what we do best just makes us stronger.
David: Huge gains in product and services offerings along with competitive pricing due to ASB association
Alex: I look forward to working with ASB. The support and kindness that I’ve felt from the ASB crew has been extremely encouraging. The range of products and services offer by ASB is staggering.
Caroline: We will be able to offer our existing customers more products. I believe that we will gain new customers (indirectly), as well.

What factors/benefits caused Valenti to make the decision to join ASB?

Mary: Joining together, our customers will benefit from a greatly expanded array of solutions to their needs.
Alex: The benefit is not only to survive but thrive.
Caroline: Our current sales team was struggling to bring in enough revenue to cover costs, so having more opportunities for new customers etc. is a good idea.

Why are you excited to join the ASB family?

Mary: This partnership is a fulfillment of Patrick’s [late husband’s] vision to offer specialty products along with printing services before he became ill.
Alex: ASB appears to be a very positive and caring group. They offer the products and support to help our partnered businesses to, mutually, do well.
Caroline: It should make my job a LOT easier. At first we’re going to have challenges getting a new system going, but once that’s set, I’ll be able to focus more on larger picture things such as financial planning and budgeting.

What are your goals for 2020?

Mary: Seamless transition towards expanded services
David: Make more sales, particularly in the advertising specialties market and increase my product and services profile among my clients
Alex: Stay happy. Keep my family happy. Keep my clients happy. Grow the business.
Caroline: Honestly? Survive. The world is in so much chaos right now, every day makes me wonder what’s going to happen next!

What are your long-term goals?

Mary: To offer the most innovative printing and specialty products that are meeting the ever changing needs of our customers.
David: Comfortable retirement
Caroline: To move to Minnesota. No joke. My husband and I have been talking about moving to the MSP area since about 2015 or so.

Learn more about American Solutions for Business at and Valenti Print Group at

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