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It seems the one constant during these trying times brought on by COVID-19 is the assurance of our personal savings and cash flow being available through our financial institution of choice. The amount of said savings or cash flow may not be ideal by any stretch, but the existence of our financial institution is sure.

The method of interaction has shifted from in-person, in-branch communication to drive through, digital or even good old-fashioned telephone. That has brought some new practices and awareness, but still, the security and confidence of your financial institution being available to you is certain.

To say the least, managing each financial institution’s unique circumstances and needs has been a strain on executives, facilities, tellers and those expected to work remotely. Who knew floor and window decals would be in such need this quarter? And who could have expected a nationwide shortage of hand sanitizer or dispensers?

Beyond that, the immediate mental shift needed to accommodate remote workers has lingered as managers recognize this could be the reality for the long-term. And with that, the details of managing processes and efficiencies along with money handling supplies, office supplies, print needs, signage, marketing materials (Yes! Promo items and apparel are an important part of branding that needs to remain intact right now!) is overwhelming. And do not forget the importance of keeping your teams confident, motivated, and most importantly – productive.

Never fear, ASB is here. With our eCommerce sites especially suited to manage expenses and process multi-user orders, we can provide the stability and assurance that your operations are running smoothly. CLICK HERE to flip through our new brochure of features and services.

In addition, look around our website at to get an idea of all the ways we can help you and your team. If you’re ready to make a big difference with your supplies and expense management, let’s start the conversation. Our solutions are fully customizable, and our team is excited to help you.

Attack your expenses. Simplify your processes. Build your brand.

To learn more about American Solutions for Business, visit

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