At Home Fundraising | Case Study

Client: United Way of Douglas & Pope Counties

eCommerce Solutions | Marketing Solutions


Situation: With at-home restrictions in place due to COVID-19, the United Way of Douglas & Pope Counties had to cancel their annual Women, Wine & Relaxation fundraiser. This was a disappointment to both the United Way and community members who look forward to attending the event every year. The fundraiser’s main focus is to bring individuals together to raise money for the county’s Traveling Tree House, a mobile learning center that transports summer learning to children.

Solution: Utilizing their proprietary eCommerce platform, ACES, American built an online auction for the United Way. Over 40 items were donated by community members to help support the cause. Marketing was done by the United Way to help promote the event and drive traffic to the site. Community members could register to bid on various items and the highest bidder wins the prize!

Success: The online auction was a huge success and raised over $3,800 to support the United Way of Douglas & Pope Counties and the Traveling Tree House initiative. Additional virtual events were held during the fundraising week to help keep community members involved and engaged while safely staying at home.

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