Youth Travel | Case Study

Client: Youth Travel Organization

Situation: Our customer operates an inspirational organization that provides educational travel experiences to children and professionals alike. They were looking for products that could capture the interest of their unique participants while growing the brand awareness of the organization. The customer also needed a way to streamline the sale and distribution of these products.

Solution: American created an eStore that encompassed all of our customer’s demographic individuals throughout the country. Although the members were from around the nation, they could all conveniently purchase products from one online location. Our eCommerce platform not only streamlined their order process but gave them the flexibility to retrieve data and statistics as they monitored the success of their program.

Success: Bridging the divide…online! We have become a full-service provider to this national organization —providing high quality apparel, luggage, lanyards, recognition gifts, other promotional products, commercial print, hot stamp labels, technology tools and more! By creating a solution that has the capability to expand, the possiblites are limitless for this eStore and organization.

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